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Lately I’ve been rekindling my relationship with my Father. He is a good good Father.  He is in abundance and loves me dearly. I have had a hard time realizing that however; I tend to fall back on worldly things and fall short of the great things I am destined to do and become. I know I am capable of great things and He reminds that He is too!

As a child of God, I should understand how divine things come to me but I have struggled with the idea of preparing for these blessings from my Father. I want to share with you all some information that will hopefully give you more insight of what I truly mean. On October 12th, 2018 I arrived at Baylor-Scott and White for a breast cancer examination. I checked in with the receptionist who informed me I will have either a mammogram done or an ultrasound depending on the findings of my initial check. I was a little nervous in the previous days leading up to this appointment I admit… not knowing what could be the result.

This is a photo of the room before the exam
This is a photo of the room before the exam

I walked down this long hallway into the set of ultrasound rooms to be reviewed. The helpful representative politely directed me to the ropes, wipes for deodorant, locker for personal belongings and warm towels since apparently the seats were cold. They sure try to create some comfort to an uncomfortable situation. I took off my top, snapped some final pictures flaunting this awful fabric as if I was about to hit the runway for Breast Cancer Awareness. Then placed my belongings in the locker and grabbed a warm towel glancing at the other women there who were much older.

“Tiffany!” I hear the petite Asian woman called from Room #1. It’s my turn.

I hesitate to get off my phone and place it into my locker when she tells me “It’s fine” to bring into the room. She gives me the basic breakdown of the ultrasound she was performing. I stop her right there and tell her my insurance was not covering the ultrasound. I thought I would have the mammogram done first and if anything was found then I will have to pay for the ultrasound. That was not the case.  She helps me to understand that at my age, it is not best to be exposed to any radiation. Therefore, I will only receive the ultrasound today instead of the mammogram which was covered.

I hear her out and believe she is looking out for my best interest as I lay on the table thinking of the expense I will occur. The rest is personal. She does a fine job reviewing my breast and informs me after reviewing the captured images from the doctor that I was negative. In fact, I think she even said I have “Healthy Breast”!  Whoopee! I am free of all my thoughts of destruction I fed myself.

She handed me a gift in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was very thoughtful. It was a hand bag that included a notebook and red lipstick from Mary Kay. I returned to the changing room renewed and got dressed. The feeling was surreal. I rolled out my Red Lipstick and put that bad boy on proudly as I left the room. I wondered to myself how this story might had changed if I got different result. Thank God I knew that I was safe and my caffeine intake may be the cause to the pain plus other womanly factors.

Please get check and be aware if you have breast cancer or not
Please get check and be aware if you have breast cancer or not

I continued back towards the long hallway I walked in from to reach a waiting room full of people waiting to undergo the same process. How blessed was I to get the results we all pray for. Negative.

On my way out I tell the receptionist I am getting paid soon and although I cannot pay the bill today I will try to very soon and leave the office.

That was it. In that moment I had divine favor. I didn’t even know it.

I continued about my day. I went to work and enjoy my weekend. I spent my time well, working on my business finances over Saturday and experiencing a God-like experience at church Sunday with my friend. Then I got my baby girl and spent the rest of the day with my friend and her enjoying the sweet riches of a peaceful Sunday.

On Monday, it was rainy and cold. I got to work around 8:30 and had a 9:30 meeting with my CEO.

During that meeting, I had two calls come in that I glanced at on my apple watch and smoothly ignored trying to be engaged in my meeting. I thought to myself maybe it’s my daughter school calling about her cough she was experiencing, maybe it was a recruiter from Dice or Career Building blowing up my phone again. Whatever it was, it was important — they called twice.

After that short meeting, I returned the call. It was Baylor-Scott and White. The receptionist from Friday was on my line asking me if I remember speaking with her. Of course, I did. I thought to myself, what could have been wrong. It was to my surprise to hear that she was calling to say “my bill was paid in FULL.” What? I said back. Yes, she says. You’re doing something right and have someone looking over you.

 My God! Thank you. Galatians 3:13-15 (Won’t He Do It!)

I sit now and reflect on how great my Father is. How wonderful this woman is who overheard my conversation and took a call of action to a need outside of her own. What a mighty God we serve! My bill was paid before I left the office that day. That’s a testimony of His greatness. He paid it all.

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