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Everyone wants to be a good parent and we all have our own parenting styles. While parenting styles are different in each household, I’ve compiled a short list that would give anyone some help in raising your child, no matter how you run your home or what you believe is acceptable or unacceptable:

  1. Read to your child daily.
    • This one is very important because it establishes a love for reading and sets aside time with your child. As you read daily to your child you help develop their reading skills, find out what topics they enjoy and really get the chance to pinpoint the things they enjoy within the pages of each book.
  2. Play with your child.
    • This is your child language. Children love to play and often take it as a symbol of love from their parents. My child and I love playing video games and going out to parks. (Fun Fact! I even play in the park too!) Identify what your child loves to play with and do and spend some time doing that.
  3. Make time for yourself.
    • Don’t ever feel bad for taking time to yourself. It is often that time is needed to distress the day, especially if you are a single parent. Take 10 to 30 minutes along to yourself to meditate, watch to your favorite music video, or step into another room for quiet time and relax.
  4. Plan ahead w/ your child.
    • Get yourself a calendar and write down your activities planned monthly out with your child. It will create a sense of routine and help yourself manage your life and child. I enjoy browsing GuideLive¬†and searching festivities and events nearby that I can enjoy with my family before the weekend arrives. Try it out!
  5. Stay in Control.
    • Kids these days are so bossy. At least mine is! As much as I try to remain in control, I feel as if I could be losing. I recommend setting limits and rules in your household that your child can understand your ways betters. For example: rarely do I allow my little one to watch TV while eating dinner. I prefer to have time to talk at the dinner table then be distracted by screen time. Set your own limits and they will see the benefit it in all sooner or later.

Most importantly, go easy on yourself! There is not an instruction manual on how to raise your child in 2018. We’re all doing the best we can despite our shortcomings… God chose you to parent this child purposefully!

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~Tiffany Lorine

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