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Day 1 - Added Cranberry during a test trial (Not Allowed)
Day 1 – Added Cranberry during a test trial (Not Allowed)

This is a story about my 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. It all started well…all of a sudden. It’s like I saw it coming but I didn’t. My best friend from college Charde asked me to commit to her 10 Day Green Smoothie cleanse with her and some others friends, family and social peers. Of course being the best friend and all I hop along the train opting in “Yes”  to a journey I was not even educated on. She told me the basics ” This cleanse is going to remove the toxins from your body and have you feeling fresh, renewed, with more energy, and shiny skin, all the Positives! “

Which is all that, in fact by Day 2 I was down 3 lbs at least. But it was so much more!

I started off at the grocery store shopping for the first 5 days and reading along to the printed material Namaste Con Charde provided me and the Cleanse Crew with. After getting all the ingredients, I read the paperwork on what this will entail…

Boy! Wasn’t that the most ass-backwards thing I could of done.

I remember calling my other friend committed to the cause saying “Do you know we can’t have coffee”?! Yikes. Day 1 I tried out my first blended smoothie and made a what I would now call “average” tasty smoothie; and prepped it for my whole work day along with some cashews, celery and hard boiled eggs determined to make it through. Then, what happened was — it rained, and when it rains it pours. Literally it rained that day and my co-workers ordered in some Dickey’s BBQ! The nerve, it smelled so good. I remember coming in so proud telling my home-girl at work I was on a 10 DAY GREEN SMOOTHIE CLEANSE and I was doing it with my best friend who instructs yoga! So proud, yet so ashamed when she recited this among others chowing down on the BBQ as I walked into lunch from a doctor’s appointment. I was defeated, now back at my desk chewing my smoothie like instructed and nibbling on celery sipping Yogi Detox Tea.






I was almost through Day 1 and I cheated…Like Usher I got a confession, I cheated Day 1 and not lightly. I went in.

After the group left the break room table as a new office manager I felt I must go check the break room and make sure it’s tidy right? Wrong. I should of waited,.. with the smell still lingering I walked back to a clean kitchen. I opened the refrigerator curiously and saw the potato salad, coleslaw, beans, rolls, and brisket neatly tucked away next to my Vera Bradley lunch box filled with cold celery, eggs, and more green smoothies.. I caved. I made sure no one was looking and located the paper bowls and plastic forks and dug into the potato salad. I thought to myself sweetly that potatoes were a veggie and I was hungry, this will definitely satisfy me. But then I had another 2 bowls and felt bloated immediately after walking back to my desk to sip my detox tea for relief. I felt bad but not too bad because after work I went to Houston’s and ate a steak.


There’s always Day 2. I understand I did mess up my detox but Day 2 I was enlightened on a whole ‘nother level. I continue as planned with the cleanse because 1) I did feel better; Conquering my hungry pains, eating vitamins and nutrients all day and 2) because I was in this group which kept me motivated to keep it up!  So this part is tough! On Day 2 I had a wellness visit scheduled at my doctor. I was experiencing an ache in my breasts that had me concerned.

My doctor told me she wasn’t concerned but scheduled me for further testing as precaution. One of the primary reasons I mentioned this however is not only for Breast Cancer Awareness but to note the reason for my pain could possibly be linked to my caffeine intake that I was not allowed to partake in during this cleanse. My God! This cleanse has opened me eyes to the immediate health benefits of it. Not only does eliminating these unnecessary additives to our body feel good – it changes your vulnerabilities’ to this world. I’m starting to think at Day 2 the health benefits truly are transforming. I drink my smoothies as scheduled for lunch and dinner that day, munching on nuts and eggs periodically.day2-smoothie

The blogs were right Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 are the hardest. It really must be a mindset change.

Later that day, I called my daughter on Facetime. She had kicked a little kid at school on the playground. I figured I call her while with her dad to better understand the situation. She answered the phone eating bagel bites. Those are so good, anyone who had pizza bagel bites would know 🙂 I told her to tell her dad he’s awesome for having pizza tonight. But then, as a woman, I pondered more on this. I told her I was making tea. Then she asked me the golden question, what are you eating for dinner mom? I was proud to announce a healthy alternative. I’m eating this “Green Smoothie” I go on to say “it has spinach, kale, strawberries, bananas and apples in it.” So delightfully, she responds “Ooo, I would like to have a strawberry one!”

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